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Has an appointment in a dental office been always connected with discomfort and fear? We meet expectations of our patients! An intimate, pleasant atmosphere combined with an understanding of the needs of our patients are the principles we follow in our work. We use classical dental anesthesia methods as well as the computer assisted anesthesia system named The Wand.



We offer restorations of single missing teeth as well as full mouth rehabilitation with occlusion management based on the Kois and Dawson rules. Stunning aesthetics and balanced occlusion can be obtained with the use of an articulator and facebow or DFA.


Surgery in our clinic combines effective anesthesia with a possibility of restoration. Every loss of tooth/bone/soft tissues should be restored with care. Our patients always have the possibility to choose from several treatment plans provided by our specialists to fulfill aesthetical demands with regard to the lost function. Our specter of procedures vary from standard: root/teeth extractions, wisdom and impacted teeth extractions, cystectomy, apicotomy, up to Implantation with Nobel Biocare Implants and regenerative surgery, e.g.: gum recessions coverage, maxilla sinus lifts, bone and gums augmentation.


Root canal treatment.

Most of the dental procedures in Diamante Clinica are magnification enhanced by use of magnifying glasses, but when it comes to endodontics, there is a need for a more precise tool. During root canal treatment and some of the surgery stages, we help ourselves by using the Carl Zeiss Extaro microscope. With the use of this microscope we are more aware of the operation field than could be seen with naked eye. Our recipe for clinical success also contains: obligatory work with dental dam, use of rotary and reciproc canal drills, sequence of canal irrigation fluids, warm guttapercha canal filling (downpack and guttaflow owing to the endopilot by schlumbohm), radiological diagnosis. The whole procedure is topped by direct or indirect restoration – because only occlusal balanced and well sealed restoration ensures full clinical success.


As Diamante Clinica we apply to the aesthetics of our dental work. In terms of aesthetics we provide possibilities to fulfill the patient’s needs by rearrangement of the aesthetic zone with ceramic veneers, teeth bleaching and bite maintenance. We use digital smile design and mock up peek of the final result of the treatment.


Individual people are always responsible for our success. Treatment in sterile conditions, speed enhancement of the workflow and effective four hands work with the usage of an active optical track are possible owing to our well qualified personnel.


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