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We are Diamante.

We are the Diamante Clinica dental clinic. We reach the goals we are entrusted with via field tested clinical innovations assisted by conventional methods. Our mission is Patient satisfaction and we get our motivation for continuous progress from the achieved results.

Dentistry nowadays is one of the most resilient medical branches. Development enables access to a handful of  tools, enhancing the accuracy and predictability of medical procedures. In Diamante, we have adopted cutting-edge technologies, as well as successful clinical procedures, to allow us to meet the Patient’s expectations and fulfill their goals.

Professional tools.

Procedures taken routinely are done in magnification, using Sandy Grendel loupes and Carl Zeiss Extaro 300 surgical microscope. It provides not only better access to the operational field during surgery and root canal treatment, but also while treating caries.

Radiological diagnosis is provided with Dental x-ray Myray Zen-X and OPG Hyperion X5. These devices support preliminary diagnostics, treatment planning and allow controlling the applied treatment.

As Diamante Clinica, we are in favor of the Patient’s comfort. Therefore, apart from conventional anesthesia, we offer the Milestone The Wand Plus computer assisted anesthesia. This patented digital platform controls flow rate and pressure of local anesthesia during an injection, without which the entire treatment can result even in the Patient’s discomfort or pain. We also interact with an anesthetist if need be.

Innovative techniques – experienced team.

The platelet rich fibrin (PRF) centrifuge and materials used for guided tissue regeneration stand for decreasing the level of discomfort after the surgery, and respond to a need of the augmentation of  tissues due to further restoration of fallen teeth. We have based our implantoprosthetics on the Nobel Biocare premium system.

We also use our own 3D printers for proper treatment planning, illustration of existing obstacles or possible aesthetical treatment solutions.

The facebow and articulator participate in the occlusion diagnosis. Adding these devices to the workflow allows to achieve not only stunning aesthetics, but can also enable predictable bite reconstruction with preservation of temporomandibular joints.

Innovative equipment and materials are a key to obtain the desired success, but will not replace a highly skilled operator. Diamante Clinica is to be interpreted as an interdisciplinary team that pursues continuous progress, imposing treating standards and taking part in multiple courses, congresses and conferences.

 Meet our team

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Katarzyna Nowicka

Katarzyna Nowicka


I graduated from the dental department of the West Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. I carry research leading to a Ph.D. degree in the field of conservative dentistry.

Adam Nowicki

Adam Nowicki

D.D.S., Ph. D.

I graduated from the dental department of West Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. In 2017,  I have obtained a Ph. D. degree for conducting research on stomathognathic sistema disorders.

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